09.04.12 – 9/4/1940 Appeasement or resistance? Holiday readings so far.


On April 9th 1940 Denmark was invaded by Germany and quickly surrendered to an overwhelming enemy force. During the next years the Danish government chose a policy of cooperation with the German occupying forces – including accepting the roundup of police officers and publicly denouncing resistance fighters as enemies of the state. The policy was effected to protect the population from harm, which it did, but was also an almost deciding factor when the allied forces were to decide whether Denmark was to be considered ‘occupied and oppressed’ or ‘actively cooperating’ with Germany.

The deciding factor for this decision was the Danish resistance, who although very very limited in number of actual personnel, achieved significant results during the war.

The actual number of resistance fighters were very limited throughout the war, up until the very end when many previously passive citizens joined the fight.

All this has been covered in detail and the debate here in DK has been fierce. Was it right to cooperate as closely with Nazi Germany as was the case, or should Denmark have chosen the Norwegian solution (the government goes into exile in UK to aide the allies and resist the enemy and the country is occupied with a nazi-friendly puppet government, but actively fighting)?

My view: We were lucky to be counted among allied countries. This had nothing to do with official politics and is solely the result of the very few that stood up against repression and dictatorship. As a nation we would have been better of not capitulating and cooperating with nazi Germany.

This policy would have cost lives and destruction, but like Thomas Jefferson said:

From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots

Reading so far…

Been holidaying for almost 2 weeks in Thailand w. the missus. Besides doing nuttin’, diving and shopping (that part being over now, as we are way out in the boonies w.o. a shop for miles), I do a bit of reading – just for fun. The recreational reading so far includes:

  • Charles Stross – The Atrocity ArchivesScifi horror a la Lovecraft meets James Bond. ‘magic’, ‘aliens’ and ‘monsters’ are not movie inventions but the result of advances in mathematics that, under certain conditions can create a link to parallel universes with other kinds of intelligence and sentients – some of those very much not human-friendly. (Think a scientific explanation for Lovecraft’s monsters).

    Great story with gory horror, nazi leftovers in a parallel dimension added a dose of humour – good read!

  • John Ringo – Troy Rising I: Live Free Or Die
  • John Ringo – Troy Rising II: Citadel
  • John Ringo – Troy Rising III: The Hot GateI wrote ’bout this great sci fi trilogy (more coming?) the other day. Hard core, deep space military sci-fi – what’s not to like?
  • Robert A. Heinlein – The Puppet MastersOld school body snatcher story. Earth is invaded by bug-ridden and mind-robbed Titans, and the bugs start taking over large parts of central USA. The story revolves around a secret agency operative and the effort to counter the invasion. Old school story line and old school wording and plot (the story is from the 50’s).

    OK read, but too old for present days.

  • Robert A. Heinlein – Revolt in 2100Still old school writing style, but not so hard on the sci-fi part and more attuned to social dynamics (dictatorship, religious intolerance, democracy etc.) It revolves around a ‘church police’ officer in a religious fascistic US (no, not present day 🙂 ) who falls in love with a vestal virgin and therefore joins the resistance.

    Well written and an entertaining read.

  • Scott Sigler – The ReporterThis is a small bonus for those of Sigler’s fans that preorderd his 2 current titles ‘The MVP’ and ‘Nocturnal’ – so no, you can’t get it bubba 🙂

    The story is co-written with Mur Lafferty and is set in the GFL-verse (the future universe app. year 2500 when the NFL has become the Galactic Football League) and is a detective/reporter thriller. You kind of have to know the Siglerverse to really appreciate the story – but if you do, it’s good stuff!

Still got William Gibson’s “Spook County” on stock but dunno whether I’ll get around to it. I find later days Gibson to be quite a demanding read – much more so than his big hit debut Neuromancer.

When, against all odds, a unicorn was discovered - it was quite of an anti climax

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Reagan Lodge of the Headquarters and Service Battalion at Marine Corps Base Quantico conducts water running exercises during a physical training session in Ramer Hall at the base's Basic School.

Uhmmmmm, I think??

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