10.04.12 – Holiday update, We’re so sorry! Zombie facelift

Haven’t got much for ya’ – busy day yesterday, what with diving trip and going out in the evening for pizza and apfel strudel (didn’t know that one, it’s great stuff).

Holiday update

We (brother Martin and I) went on our final (so far) diving trip yesterday: 2 dives of app. 1 hour each, the first to ‘The Pinacle’, 10-16 meters and the second around a small island, depth 5-8 meters.

Grumpy old man

Is it a fish, a shark, a torpedo? Nah, it's just old grumpy at 50 ft doing a swim-by
Even the crummy camera in my smartphone can't make Koh Mak, Thailand look bad 🙂

We are on the final stretch of the holiday with the last week ticking away before it’s back to -7 degrees C in Denmark.

Ubercommand has refined relaxation and doing lunch with a friend to an art – good times!

We’re soooo sorry!

Our (former?) good friends C&K are looking after our dog while we are vacationing in Thailand.


Well, Da Mutt is without key male attributes (if you know what I mean), so any territorial aggression should be a thing of the past.


It turns out that C&K’s own dog, Sif, has a rather mellow disposition and let’s Mikkel have free reign of the house. Thus rat face beleives that he’s the leader of the pack, and thus he has to ‘set his mark’ – and he does…

We’re so soooooory!

Even zombies want to look good...


En kommentar til “10.04.12 – Holiday update, We’re so sorry! Zombie facelift

  1. Grumpy old man er en truet art, men nu hvor den føler sig hjemme i vander, så er der jo ingen grund til at hente kranen for at hive den op af vandet 😀

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