12.04.12 – Holland: da dope is only for local people! Red Planet. Minimum wages. Fashion do’s and dont’s

Today is a mixed bunch – a little astronomy, female nudity, drug policy and double standards – hope you find somethin’ you like or didn’t know 🙂

‘dis pot shop is only for loooocal people’…

The Dutch are considering making it illegal to sell cannabis to foreigners (like in ‘really illegal’, not like ‘well actually the sale of cannabis is illegal; but we’ve instructed the police to look the other way’ as it’s the case today).

Among the reasons are traffic (other nationalites mass to Holland to buy dope and cause traffic problems) and a growing black market with increasingly stronger wares.

But – The Dutch can dope up on cannabis; but foreigners may not?

I have very little respect for potheads – the proposed double standards makes me wonder whether the decision makers might have inhaled once to many…


The Red Planet – everything is bigger

Eg. this dust devil, 20 kilometers high (but only app. 70 meters wide).

We are but insignificant on this tiny speck of rock, circling our utterly ordinary, average star in a run-of-the-mill galaxy.


All I did yesterday

Minimum wages and large (*and* small) differences

US minimum wage 7.25 USD/h.
German minimum wage app 11 USD/h.
Danish minimum wage app 20 USD/h.

Consider for a sec the major differences in minimum wages and the 3 different countries: minimum wage alone makes it clear, that it is very difficult to compare different economic/social systems.

Btw: The Democrats in US are attempting to implement a ‘Buffett Rule’ – a minimum 30% tax rate for households earning at least 2 million USD/year. Mitt Romney (the Republican presidential candidate later this year) is estimated to be good for 250 million USD and makes app. 21 million USD/year; but only paid 13.9% in taxes for 2010.

And why is it called ‘the Buffett Rule’? Because the mega investor went public last year with the suggestion that the very rich should pay more taxes, or at least as many percent as that of their servants (Buffett pays less taxes in percent than does his maid).

(Danish taxes are at app. 50% plus VAT 25% plus a plethora of special taxes. In return we get free medical care, free education, social welfare etc.)

‘Buffett Rule’: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/07/us/politics/obama-democrats-ready-buffett-rule-tax-push.html

Fashion – how it’s supposed to be done!

Not like this:

but like THIS:



I really like this song – Sting has a worthy successor…



En kommentar til “12.04.12 – Holland: da dope is only for local people! Red Planet. Minimum wages. Fashion do’s and dont’s

  1. Where’s the female nudity ?

    I was promised female nudity, and all I got was a Milla Jovovich look-a-like in a weird black dress… !!

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