13.04.12 – Sex in Thailand. Russian Orthodox Church magic. Breach.

Weekend is closing in – and I get to say WTF – good times!

‘If you feel a sexual urge’…

Thailand is a fascinating mix of innocense and sexual agressiveness. You can visit parts of most major towns and find a ‘red light district’ where almost anything goes. Add to this the Thai ‘katoy’ – boygirl phenomenon. This would indicate a ‘sexually mature’ nation with an open and tolerant mind.

But try if you can to combine the above with a) rampant spread of H.I.V. and b) an official ‘lets not talk about it’ policy regarding sexuality and prevention.

As an example of the latter, Thailand has recently carried out country wide health exams for high school students. One of the questions:

‘If you feel a sexual urge, you should:’

  1. Ask your friends to play football together
  2. Contact family members
  3. Try to sleep
  4. Date a friend of the opposite sex
  5. Invite a close friend to watch a movie together

The correct answer, according to Dr. Samphan Phanphrut, The Thai National Exam Committee:

  • Ask your friends to play football together

– same answer for both boys and girls.


Thailand is a fascinating experience…

As an example of the ‘sexual maturity’ of mainstream Thailand, watch the video below of ‘Turbo Music’ with ‘Itchy ear’ (no, they are not singing about auditory hygiene…), and read the linked article about double standards and hypocrisy regarding sexuality in Thailand today.



Hypocrisy in the Russian Orthodox Church

Have a look at the pics below. On the one picture, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church is wearing a USD 30.000 Breguet watch – on the other he is not…

It’s actually the same picture before and after the church tried to edit the watch away. The dumb bastards just forgot to erase the reflection of the watch in the table.

This is just another example of organized clerical corruption and hypocrisy – nothing new there.

What’s quite entertaining is the reaction of the Russian Orthodox Church, who after removing the doctored photo, blamed photo editors in its press service for the “technical mistake.”:

“A gross violation of our internal ethics has occurred, and it will be thoroughly investigated,” the church said in a statement. “The guilty will be severely punished.”


How backwards and retarded must the Russian Orthodox Church think it’s followers are, to think that this is the best way to handle this crisis?

Dumb bastards…


New location

We changed to a new hotel here in Thailand. That ment saying goodbye to Katie&Martyn of the Bamboo Hideaway on Koh Mak – always a bummer, as it almost has become ‘a home away from home’.

Our new location is on the mainland (and no, no worries re. the earthquake Wednesday – the possible tsunami zone is on the far south west part of Thailand, whereas we’re situated in the eastern part of the country), at a luxury resort for 4 days before returning for the daily grind…

Movie: The Breach (2007)

Ubercommand and I recommended this flic Wednesday evening – we did not get many points on that account.

Martin&Martyn were either fainting w. boredom, whining loudly or spending long periods on the toilet during the movie. Katie up and went to bed…

Rotten Tomatoes: 84% – I totally agree. If you’ll accept the (almost) total lack of violence, you’re in for a goooood movie!



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