16.04.12 – Israel: opposite directions. Denmark by night. Deluxe toilet? Battleship!

I did not fare too well the other day with my mention of ‘female nudity’… OK, OK, OK – the chick was not, per se, naked; but it came dam’n close!

So, in order not to confuse anybody, this is a more exact declaration of content re. skin for this installment: Warning, warning, warning! If you’re easily offended by excess amounts of exposed flabby old guy skin – go do somethin’ else!


Israel: opposite directions

Israel is a many facetted society. On the one hand, there is a tolerant and openminded attitude towards sexual minorities. Several Israeli cities have ‘gay communities’ and it is not uncommon to see same-sex couples on the streets.

Compare this to practically all other states in the region, where either homosexuality does not exist (Iran), or, if it does, is punishable by death for being against ‘The Religion’ (eg. Pakistan/Afghanistan).

Point to Israel for being tolerant and democratic! (I’m in a rather fair mood today, so I’ll spare you the usual tirade on Islam, The Arab World, The Middle Ages, abuse, violence and general misogony).

But – as tolerant Israel is on one subject, women’s rights are under increasing pressure from ultra orthodox jewish groups, namely the followers of the Haredi faith.

Israeli media have had a growing number of stories about Haredi followers succeeding in restricting basic freedoms of women outside of their own rigid circles. The one mentioned below is but the latest in a long row of stories where Haredi followers manage to push women back because the Haredi faith states that women are not to be seen.

Minus point to Israel for letting religious fanatics have too much influence on a democratic society! (but also acknowledgement of the large secular/non-orthodox demonstrations that have taken place to protest religious influence on secular matters in Israel!)


Mission: drop weight like a Tijuana crack whore.
Status: on track to look like an anemic, skinny freediving nutcase

Denmark by night

Denmark w. Copenhagen, Norway w. Oslo and Sweden w. Stockholm. Picture taken from ISS.

Hey! What's with all 'dem buttons??? I just wanna' take a dump!

Movie: Battleship

Yeeeaahhhhhh! If you the least bit inclined to big guns, macho men, bad aliens and righteous revenge, this flic is for you!

Watching the trailer, me and my mates got all giddy and hot just from this dialogue:

Prepare to fire!
Sir, which weapons?
All of them…

And then they even don’t use that particular scene in the movie – it’s that good!

It is not ‘The Arrrht of Cinemaaa’ – but it’s dam’n good entertainment just the same!

Crank up the volume, lean back and get your socks blown off by USS Missouri!

Rotten Tomatoes are low with a 45%, but never mind them – put on your Big Boys with Big Guns Hat and have a blast!



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