17.04.12 – Iran on homos. Die motherfuxxxx, die! Stuxnet: Who dunnit’? Battleship quote

Enter at your own risk!

(Thnx to Scott Sigler for the intro)

On my way back home from Thailand and 3 weeks of bliss. It’ll be quite a change from 35 to 10 degress C; but spring should be underway back home, so it’s all gravy 🙂

Btw I mentioned Iran yesterday (re. how there were no homosexuals). I know that Ahmadinedjad has since revised his outrageous statement (even he, it seems, is able to see when islamistic doctrine gets too far out), but have a look anyhow at the utter nutcase that is Iran’s front man:


Die, motherfxxxxx, die!

It would seem that justice is finally catching up to Lockerbie bomber and Libyan state-sanctioned terrorist Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. The terrorist was released from prison in 2009 because he had max 3 months to live due to cancer.

The terrorist lived on, but is now hopefully croacking.

I’ve posted rants on this subject before – suffice it to say, that my respect for British Authorities and their respect for ‘the common man’ and the victims of the terrorist bombing is non-existent.

Die motherfxxxxx, die!


Movie: Battleship, contd.

I forgot a memorable quote from the piece on Battleship yesterday:

Let’s pour som lead on them axxholes!

Yup – the movie is like that throughout – good times 🙂

Stuxnet: No big surprise

US intelligence sources say that it was a combined US/Israeli operation that in 2009 launched the Stuxnet virus that sabotaged several thousand nuclear plant centrifuges in Iran.

(The targeted killings of Iranian nuclear scientists is believed to be the work of Israeli operatives or Israeli controlled Iranian resistance fighters).

If you have the time, read the first of the below 2 links to get a ‘real world black ops thriller’ – if you just want the skinny, read the second link.

My respect to the US and Israeli intelligence community!



Homecoming surprise

Nice one…



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