18.04.12 – Red in the face for 5:15. Bangkok skyline. Scott Sigler: Nocturnal. Crudflic

Cheers y’all (and happy birthday, Mum!)

Not a lot going on today: A little braggin’, a few pics and a warning…

Static apnea

Although my mates get a major kick out of demonstrating how I ‘train’ for freediving (make a face, take a deep breath and get red in the face), I carry on never the less …

Had a rather successfull session the other day and was able to hold my breath for a wuppin’ 5:15!

Yup! That’s a full minute more than when I did the apnea workshop with Innerdive back in January 🙂

Oh, oh, oh: And the 5:15, it was on land which means that I should be able to reach even longer when immersed (diving reflex setting in, reducing heart rate etc.).



The view from our hotel room. The highrises just go on and on and on and on.....

Scott Sigler: Nocturnal

Yeahhhh, uhmmmm baby – that’s it – just a liiiitle more, uhmmmmmmm!

This da sxxx! Picked up my signed copy of Nocturnal by the FDO, the Master of Doom himself, Scott Sigler – sweeeeeeeet!

Movie: Wrath of the Titans

Warning! Avoid this piece of crud at all cost!

We went to see the flic to kill off a couple of hours while waiting for the flight back home from Bangkok. What an epic waste of time – the utter, utter lack of suspense, horrible plot and non-talented acting makes this movie one of the all time worst cinema experiences I ever had!

What’s it like? …you say: Well, think ‘War of the Titans’ (to which this is a sequel), which was an abomination upon the silver screen in itself. Then make it even louder, lobotomize the screen writer before final edit, make only a halfassed attempt to lighten the mood from all the gung-ho me-big-hero-with-grave-voice,-piercing-eyes-and-impossible-quest-which-I-must-do-to-save-all-mankind lead bozo.

Rotten Tomatoes: 23% is toooooo kind; but I guess that the special effects did the difference from -213% and up to 23…

…..and how they convinced Liam Neeson to join this movie disaster? I guess they threw lots and lots of money at him; but Mr. Neeson will not be putting this flic on top of his resume anytime soon…



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