18.04.12 – Red in the face for 5:15. Bangkok skyline. Scott Sigler: Nocturnal. Crudflic

Cheers y’all (and happy birthday, Mum!)

Not a lot going on today: A little braggin’, a few pics and a warning…

Static apnea

Although my mates get a major kick out of demonstrating how I ‘train’ for freediving (make a face, take a deep breath and get red in the face), I carry on never the less …

Had a rather successfull session the other day and was able to hold my breath for a wuppin’ 5:15!

Yup! That’s a full minute more than when I did the apnea workshop with Innerdive back in January 🙂

Oh, oh, oh: And the 5:15, it was on land which means that I should be able to reach even longer when immersed (diving reflex setting in, reducing heart rate etc.).



The view from our hotel room. The highrises just go on and on and on and on.....

Scott Sigler: Nocturnal

Yeahhhh, uhmmmm baby – that’s it – just a liiiitle more, uhmmmmmmm!

This da sxxx! Picked up my signed copy of Nocturnal by the FDO, the Master of Doom himself, Scott Sigler – sweeeeeeeet!

Movie: Wrath of the Titans

Warning! Avoid this piece of crud at all cost!

We went to see the flic to kill off a couple of hours while waiting for the flight back home from Bangkok. What an epic waste of time – the utter, utter lack of suspense, horrible plot and non-talented acting makes this movie one of the all time worst cinema experiences I ever had!

What’s it like? …you say: Well, think ‘War of the Titans’ (to which this is a sequel), which was an abomination upon the silver screen in itself. Then make it even louder, lobotomize the screen writer before final edit, make only a halfassed attempt to lighten the mood from all the gung-ho me-big-hero-with-grave-voice,-piercing-eyes-and-impossible-quest-which-I-must-do-to-save-all-mankind lead bozo.

Rotten Tomatoes: 23% is toooooo kind; but I guess that the special effects did the difference from -213% and up to 23…

…..and how they convinced Liam Neeson to join this movie disaster? I guess they threw lots and lots of money at him; but Mr. Neeson will not be putting this flic on top of his resume anytime soon…


16.04.12 – Israel: opposite directions. Denmark by night. Deluxe toilet? Battleship!

I did not fare too well the other day with my mention of ‘female nudity’… OK, OK, OK – the chick was not, per se, naked; but it came dam’n close!

So, in order not to confuse anybody, this is a more exact declaration of content re. skin for this installment: Warning, warning, warning! If you’re easily offended by excess amounts of exposed flabby old guy skin – go do somethin’ else!


Israel: opposite directions

Israel is a many facetted society. On the one hand, there is a tolerant and openminded attitude towards sexual minorities. Several Israeli cities have ‘gay communities’ and it is not uncommon to see same-sex couples on the streets.

Compare this to practically all other states in the region, where either homosexuality does not exist (Iran), or, if it does, is punishable by death for being against ‘The Religion’ (eg. Pakistan/Afghanistan).

Point to Israel for being tolerant and democratic! (I’m in a rather fair mood today, so I’ll spare you the usual tirade on Islam, The Arab World, The Middle Ages, abuse, violence and general misogony).

But – as tolerant Israel is on one subject, women’s rights are under increasing pressure from ultra orthodox jewish groups, namely the followers of the Haredi faith.

Israeli media have had a growing number of stories about Haredi followers succeeding in restricting basic freedoms of women outside of their own rigid circles. The one mentioned below is but the latest in a long row of stories where Haredi followers manage to push women back because the Haredi faith states that women are not to be seen.

Minus point to Israel for letting religious fanatics have too much influence on a democratic society! (but also acknowledgement of the large secular/non-orthodox demonstrations that have taken place to protest religious influence on secular matters in Israel!)


Mission: drop weight like a Tijuana crack whore.
Status: on track to look like an anemic, skinny freediving nutcase

Denmark by night

Denmark w. Copenhagen, Norway w. Oslo and Sweden w. Stockholm. Picture taken from ISS.

Hey! What's with all 'dem buttons??? I just wanna' take a dump!

Movie: Battleship

Yeeeaahhhhhh! If you the least bit inclined to big guns, macho men, bad aliens and righteous revenge, this flic is for you!

Watching the trailer, me and my mates got all giddy and hot just from this dialogue:

Prepare to fire!
Sir, which weapons?
All of them…

And then they even don’t use that particular scene in the movie – it’s that good!

It is not ‘The Arrrht of Cinemaaa’ – but it’s dam’n good entertainment just the same!

Crank up the volume, lean back and get your socks blown off by USS Missouri!

Rotten Tomatoes are low with a 45%, but never mind them – put on your Big Boys with Big Guns Hat and have a blast!


10.04.12 – Holiday update, We’re so sorry! Zombie facelift

Haven’t got much for ya’ – busy day yesterday, what with diving trip and going out in the evening for pizza and apfel strudel (didn’t know that one, it’s great stuff).

Holiday update

We (brother Martin and I) went on our final (so far) diving trip yesterday: 2 dives of app. 1 hour each, the first to ‘The Pinacle’, 10-16 meters and the second around a small island, depth 5-8 meters.

Grumpy old man

Is it a fish, a shark, a torpedo? Nah, it's just old grumpy at 50 ft doing a swim-by
Even the crummy camera in my smartphone can't make Koh Mak, Thailand look bad 🙂

We are on the final stretch of the holiday with the last week ticking away before it’s back to -7 degrees C in Denmark.

Ubercommand has refined relaxation and doing lunch with a friend to an art – good times!

We’re soooo sorry!

Our (former?) good friends C&K are looking after our dog while we are vacationing in Thailand.


Well, Da Mutt is without key male attributes (if you know what I mean), so any territorial aggression should be a thing of the past.


It turns out that C&K’s own dog, Sif, has a rather mellow disposition and let’s Mikkel have free reign of the house. Thus rat face beleives that he’s the leader of the pack, and thus he has to ‘set his mark’ – and he does…

We’re so soooooory!

Even zombies want to look good...

22.03.12 – Myg og regnvejr, ‘litteratur’ betyder ĂĄbenbart ikke ‘populær’, ‘ikke ekstremister’?

Denne blogpost markerer en ny rekord i at se dum ud – alt for dig, kære læser…

Enter at your own risk!

(Tak til Scott Sigler for intro’en)

Hvordan overlever myggen et regnvejr?

Det er ganske simpelt – myggen flyver ikke udenom, og den bliver ikke splattet ud af regndrĂĄberne (der kan have en masse 50 gange større end insektet).

Pga. den meget store masseforskel, bliver myggen simpelt hen ‘viftet til side’ af regndrĂĄben i stedet for at blive tværet helt ud.

Artiklen har et meget godt eksempel: En asteroide der rammer et stykke papir: papiret bliver ikke knust/ødelagt; men bare blæst til side (og nej, ikke noget med friktionsvarme, spidning pĂĄ fremspring eller noget – du forstĂĄr godt eksemplet, sĂĄ stop dèr!).


‘litteratur’ er ikke det samme som ‘gode bøger’

…i hvert fald ikke bøger som mange læser og kan li’.

Og ‘litteratur’ betyder i hvert fald overhovedet ikke ‘populær’.

De 2 danske nominerede forfattere til dette ĂĄrs nordiske litteraturpris er: Fanfare……..

  • Vibeke Grønfeldt for romanen “Livliner”
  • Janina Katz for digtsamlingen “Skrevet pĂĄ polsk”

Nej, jeg har heller aldrig hørt om hverken dem eller deres værker…


‘Islamister er ikke ekstremister’?

En overrabbiner siger ifm. mordene på skolebørnene i Frankrig, at

“Islamister er ikke ekstremister”

Hmmm, jeg er ikke enig…


Alt i èt – hvor fjollet kan det blive?

Ja, ja – jeg ved godt, I helst ville være fri for at se trunte her i alt-for-stramt-kunststof-spraymalet-pĂĄ outfit; men jeg ku’ ikke la’ vær’.

Og så tænkte jeg: når nu alligevel det ser pænt fjollet ud, hvorfor så ikke gå planken ud og lave et billede der på en og samme tid inkluderer fridykning, swimskin og yoga?

Nej vel?

Isboden? Det er dèn vej!

‘gone postal’

Underholdende lederside-grafik i JP i gĂĄr:

Ser ud som om en eller anden er 'gone postal' på venstrefløjen. Sådan som S, SF og EL klarer skærene lige nu, er det sandsynligvis et selvmordsforsøg der er tale om.

Film: Drive Angry

Hold dig fra den her – den er ring’!

Cage er efterhĂĄnden ved at være lidt af en parodi, og virker træt og uinspireret. Det eneste opløftende i filmen er The Accountant, djævlens højre hĂĄnd, der er ude for at ‘collect’ – spillet med overskud og humor af William Ficthner (ham fra Armageddon der siger: “Get off the nuclear warhead!“)

Rotten Tomatoes: 45% – Det er vel højt sat; men igen – jeg giver æren til The Accountant 🙂